Update: Alternative "Public List's" are available now. You may also display only online or only offline players.

After so many requests, the time has come: WarTool has been released!

WarTool is a little helper for keeping an eye on your enemies and also friends. It's a way to display data from different places of this site on a single place.

You can make up to 4 lists and add up to 750 characters in total. If needed, a "Public User" can be set related to your account, so you can share you lists with your fellows.

WarTool On/Off

Player Status
Once players are added to your list, you can see if they are online or offline. Also a little counter with how many of them are around and a level average will be displayed.

WarTool Graph

Vocations - Each list has a graph about the distribution of vocations. This graph splits online from offline players and may help to evaluate the current situation.

Easy start - The WarTool only requires an account at MrThomsen.de, which is simply made WITHOUT any character data.

How it really looks like:
I've created a fast link for my demo account. So you can take a look into the main feature of the WarTool. http://www.mrthomsen.de/wartool-public/username/password

Liked it? Head on and build your own lists. Basically you need only 4 steps:

  1. Make your free account at MrThomsen.de
  2. Create your lists and add some characters to them.
  3. Generate an username and password for your friend/guild members.
  4. Share those credentials or the fast link with your fellows.