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Curious about who is jumping around? Here you can get some satisfaction!

World transfers are quite popular yet, so there was no other way than implement a little tool to grab them. When a player changes his world, it will be shown in the following table. Those entries will remain even if deleted at
Please keep in mind that higher levels are updated frequently and lower levels only from time to time. This also means that the "jump day" is the date of the update and not the real date.

Jumpers Summary page 7167 with 25 from 185067 entries

Player Actual Level World Left World Joint Date
Maxiline Powerr Girl 97 Trimera Morgana n/a
Edyzs 41 Mythera Jamera n/a
CH_Quasi Paladin 125 Balera Iridia n/a
Olderman 124 Shivera Magera n/a
Dragon Aky 134 Pythera Solera n/a
Chool Breeze 212 Premia Askara n/a
Eblo Moki 99 Furora Nova n/a
Yakishoba 269 Premia Silvera n/a
Rivendale rider 107 Mythera Titania n/a
CH_Kyonx 312 Ocera Fortera n/a
Cacho Demonslayer 121 Vinera Jamera n/a
CH_Kate Noss 182 Rubera Julera n/a
CH_Waltekovich 201 Rubera Julera n/a
Runbow 286 Premia Neptera n/a
Amen Asta 54 Shanera Xantera n/a
Apollos Blake 60 Keltera Berylia n/a
CH_Lady Xiing Ling 120 Vinera Pythera n/a
Borumir Blitz 434 Hiberna Berylia n/a
Danny Malosa 260 Silvera Zanera n/a
Kevix Fireheart 409 Jamera Xerena n/a
CH_Marco Yolo 314 Elysia Lunara n/a
Gunhed 406 Candia Refugia n/a
CH_Sweaty Cyclopse 265 Libera Shivera n/a
Dodo Mal 150 Solera Eternia n/a
Beccaanne 163 Pacera Fidera n/a