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Curious about who is jumping around? Here you can get some satisfaction!

World transfers are quite popular yet, so there was no other way than implement a little tool to grab them. When a player changes his world, it will be shown in the following table. Those entries will remain even if deleted at
Please keep in mind that higher levels are updated frequently and lower levels only from time to time. This also means that the "jump day" is the date of the update and not the real date.

Jumpers Summary page 7167 with 25 from 198233 entries

Player Actual Level World Left World Joint Date
CH_Stronda Maximux 144 Xantera Elera n/a
Arook canok 166 Libera Elera n/a
Pandaarox 218 Askara Elera n/a
CH_Incinella 188 Titania Elysia n/a
Williamzitox 18 Fortera Elysia n/a
Demon Ndrath 63 Malvera Elysia n/a
CH_Siszy 215 Xantera Elysia n/a
Liincon Da Ostentacao 1 Elera Elysia n/a
Whiteman Kamikazee 220 Balera Elysia n/a
CH_Caum Bravoo 180 Lucera Elysia n/a
Gufi Saburo 256 Isara Elysia n/a
CH_Moonster Kamikazee 164 Fortera Elysia n/a
Scayne 321 Isara Elysia n/a
Lupps 159 Shivera Elysia n/a
Ramirolf Oten 167 Samera Elysia n/a
CH_Veigh Pumpkin 137 Selena Elysia n/a
Voffuz 183 Silvera Elysia n/a
CH_Devil Oak 178 Askara Elysia n/a
Euro Sacred 200 Trimera Elysia n/a
CH_Morphzzik 169 Keltera Elysia n/a
CH_Soriso 283 Mythera Elysia n/a
Resoviak 133 Isara Elysia n/a
Kevin Di Patrao 8 Libera Elysia n/a
CH_Tiago Tunagon 227 Malvera Elysia n/a
Eben Hane 311 Titania Elysia n/a