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Curious about who is jumping around? Here you can get some satisfaction!

World transfers are quite popular yet, so there was no other way than implement a little tool to grab them. When a player changes his world, it will be shown in the following table. Those entries will remain even if deleted at
Please keep in mind that higher levels are updated frequently and lower levels only from time to time. This also means that the "jump day" is the date of the update and not the real date.

Jumpers Summary page 11293 with 25 from 283144 entries

Player Actual Level World Left World Joint Date
CH_Ica Rut 202 Olympa Celesta n/a
Prau Jixx 132 Xerena Libera n/a
Treke Treke 51 Keltera Pythera n/a
Dark Girahia 75 Xantera Elysia n/a
Horo Goddess 91 Vinera Zanera n/a
CH_Jam Do Rolao 317 Danubia Galana n/a
Rhayzen Ciemny 189 Astera Luminera n/a
Mighty Jayce 76 Danera Rubera n/a
Rastharo 121 Amera Fidera n/a
Arthursnk Bah 251 Berylia Aurea n/a
Rufus'Reven 126 Candia Nerana n/a
Tech Hellsing 105 Nerana Astera n/a
Lord Toilet 148 Empera Calmera n/a
Spearchuck 124 Amera Xantera n/a
CH_Mestre Lokow 154 Lunara Magera n/a
Joey Akus Flamini 129 Menera Harmonia n/a
CH_Marian Rokita 167 Obsidia Aldora n/a
CH_Felipe Mega Bilionario 135 Azura Isara n/a
Aniita Garibaldi 354 Hiberna Azura n/a
CH_Selphy Hellz 179 Pacera Calmera n/a
Deh starwalker 86 Hiberna Lunara n/a
Chilindrina Imortale 65 Vinera Mythera n/a
Torphis 86 Elysia Tenebra n/a
CH_Reckless Sorcerer 347 Solera Selena n/a
Lord Orochimaru 145 Amera Luminera n/a