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Curious about who is jumping around? Here you can get some satisfaction!

World transfers are quite popular yet, so there was no other way than implement a little tool to grab them. When a player changes his world, it will be shown in the following table. Those entries will remain even if deleted at
Please keep in mind that higher levels are updated frequently and lower levels only from time to time. This also means that the "jump day" is the date of the update and not the real date.

Jumpers Summary page 11163 with 25 from 289272 entries

Player Actual Level World Left World Joint Date
Odiinzera 117 Grimera Galana n/a
Lord Thine 244 Galana Lunara n/a
CH_Maphystai 8 Jamera Galana n/a
Dragon Darix 28 Premia Galana n/a
CH_Vii Digdin 256 Premia Galana n/a
CH_Ezath Jana 243 Aurea Galana n/a
CH_Lukinha Poderoso 243 Fortera Galana n/a
CH_Lipe The Archer 241 Grimera Galana n/a
Vy Mackan 229 Antica Galana n/a
Eazymode 151 Jamera Galana n/a
CH_Zvoleya Ina Glebe 246 Thoria Galana n/a
Mack Daemon 259 Amera Galana n/a
CH_Damageer 229 Eternia Galana n/a
Greamly 256 Kyra Galana n/a
Darkfuryon 1 Premia Galana n/a
CH_Kinzera 237 Jamera Galana n/a
CH_Royal Marez 242 Rubera Galana n/a
CH_Lady Vampirella 100 Jamera Galana n/a
CH_Steel Nitus 224 Obsidia Galana n/a
Simonyo 221 Hiberna Galana n/a
CH_Funster 253 Nova Galana n/a
CH_Diabinho azul 220 Premia Galana n/a
Awesome Herton 315 Nebula Galana n/a
CH_Saint Guevara 322 Samera Galana n/a
Lycan Durras 241 Danera Galana n/a