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Curious about who is jumping around? Here you can get some satisfaction!

World transfers are quite popular yet, so there was no other way than implement a little tool to grab them. When a player changes his world, it will be shown in the following table. Those entries will remain even if deleted at
Please keep in mind that higher levels are updated frequently and lower levels only from time to time. This also means that the "jump day" is the date of the update and not the real date.

Jumpers Summary page 10484 with 25 from 264775 entries

Player Actual Level World Left World Joint Date
Sureant Kyon 115 Premia Thoria n/a
CH_Shiizon 143 Shivera Magera n/a
Tiko Mya 251 Libera Berylia n/a
Fhyrer 141 Hiberna Lunara n/a
Ronnynhoo Tex 198 Shanera Nova n/a
Edgarsitow 13 Trimera Fortera n/a
Sir Kovu 124 Empera Jamera n/a
Bexi Mubex 61 Mythera Berylia n/a
Snoku 200 Shanera Iridia n/a
Shin-Druid 115 Secura Magera n/a
Reckah Nazgul 51 Tenebra Arcania n/a
Couzz 194 Fortera Julera n/a
Ayon Pegazus 87 Empera Pythera n/a
Dakus Rukorin 109 Solera Danubia n/a
Slasher Sheep 121 Ocera Pythera n/a
CH_Ikki 124 Grimera Vinera n/a
Sniperzera 34 Premia Azura n/a
Raycer 183 Samera Jamera n/a
Charly Valhalla 103 Vinera Berylia n/a
CH_Basseh 341 Galana Antica n/a
CH_Jeppeh 253 Obsidia Antica n/a
Trhaa 92 Julera Saphira n/a
CH_Bruxo Di Sword 198 Samera Obsidia n/a
Aquiles Heavens 193 Balera Xerena n/a
CH_Crixus Panda 251 Libera Askara n/a