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Info about Sky Hardmode (T) (Last update: Sep 16 2019)

Funera (*)
Master Sorcerer
Premium Account
The Market 2 (Kazordoon)

Experience entries for Sky Hardmode

  Rank Date Level Points Plus Next level
down2 62 Sep 16 2019 272 328,473,031 -3,510,117 3,258,169 (89%)
60 Sep 15 2019 273 331,983,148 +236,264 3,433,752 (93%)
up1 60 Sep 14 2019 273 331,746,884 +1,045,587 3,670,016 (100%)
down1 61 Sep 13 2019 272 330,701,297 +759,896 1,029,903 (28%)
down2 60 Sep 12 2019 272 329,941,401 -9,097,686 1,789,799 (49%)
Latest Death Entries (show all)

2019-09-12 22:49:04

Annihilated at Level 274 by Aiizenh, Griefer, Elwyn Erus, On Kah, Ruth Lezx, Leo Beatus, Pretencioso, Domincian War, Julito Ckruzber, Altoo milloo, Strawberries and cream, Yoha Ndri, Matame Pero Dejamevivo, King Jupa, Netbolt, Bruhly, Linkz, Memopump, Kain Keno, Wezttt, Raggity Dee and Elder Peruvian.Assisted by Yonko Hardmode, Dave Majestic, Eder Betrayer and Vitaozord.

2019-09-12 22:45:39

Annihilated at Level 275 by Aiizenh, Griefer, On Kah, Ruth Lezx, Leo Beatus, Pretencioso, Domincian War, Julito Ckruzber, Altoo milloo, Strawberries and cream, Yoha Ndri, Matame Pero Dejamevivo, King Jupa, Moko Woko, Netbolt, Bruhly, Magox Betrayer, Memopump, Kain Keno, Wezttt, Lhsa, Raggity Dee and Elder Peruvian.Assisted by Dave Majestic and Vitaozord.

2019-09-11 22:02:13

Crushed at Level 275 by Amiranomus Regwyn, Tomas Funereando, Ayy Lma ao, Darryy, Vidiu Hardmode, Ofarlig fagel, Kimfjonguno, Daddyz Freddz, Tentacles, Manual Mange, Strindos Naven Saxth, Yak uza and Dagsatt sda.Assisted by Notorious Chinaman.

2019-09-11 03:20:27

Eliminated at Level 275 by Elwyn Erus, On Kah, Stop Sdhim, Hotmax, Pretencioso, Julito Ckruzber, Aiizehn, Supridok, Alonzo, King Jupa, Magox Betrayer, Memopump, Akai Zhar, Sange Warmode, Agustin Maxiito, Yunior Genesis, Manifestor Rage and Elder Peruvian.Assisted by Laa ra.

2019-09-11 02:17:59

Annihilated at Level 276 by Ava Nort, Gud Luck, On Kah, Pretencioso, Julito Ckruzber, Aiizehn, Pandazikis, Supridok, Alonzo, Oprah Windfury, King Jupa, Ava Padondequieras, Magox Betrayer, Memopump, Akai Zhar, Shisparkss, King yeye, Sange Warmode, Hunted Rush, Yunior Genesis and Elder Peruvian.Assisted by Mage Funera.

2019-09-10 02:57:53

Slain at Level 276 by Aizeehn, On Kah, Pandazikis, Yoha Ndri and a falcon knight.

2019-09-10 00:10:17

Died at Level 276 by an insane siren.

2019-09-08 20:38:37

Crushed at Level 277 by Cryp Toniita, Aizeehn, Ruth Lezx, Stop Attak, Supridok, Strawberries and cream, Matame Pero Dejamevivo, Vidiu Hardmode, King Jupa, Chileton, King yeye, Hunted Rush, Lhsa and Miickey Moousee.Assisted by Healer olock, Marcelus Aurelius, Yonko Hardmode, Maria Casquito and Skazi Fullwar.

2019-09-08 06:11:03

Annihilated at Level 278 by Cryp Toniita, Aiizenh, Griefer, Notorious Nickoxuos Womanizer, Notorious Keith, Rasty Doreggaee, Muqiwara, Edixon Sparrow, Shirid Drakell, Domincian War, Julito Ckruzber, Supridok, Ga Rizz, Strawberries and cream, King Jupa, Dave Majestic, Akai Zhar, Kamikaze Carlos, Chileton, Makaroz, Yunior Genesis, Lhsa, Guyerami, Elder Peruvian, Adrian Kun, Miickey Moousee, Camilo Dog and Sousariox.Assisted by Druid Sio Knight and Deep Fake.

2019-09-08 03:29:48

Died at Level 279 by a skeleton elite warrior.Assisted by Mer cy.

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