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Info about Lahaul (T) (Last update: Sep 17 2019)

Inabra (*)
Master Sorcerer
Premium Account
Magic Academy, Flat 5 (Edron)
Latest Death Entries (show all)

2019-09-09 03:42:54

Crushed at Level 654 by Avezzano, Trak Imperial, Marac Os, Abandonad Os, Namun Colina Uno, Prael Siphind, Toco selvagem, Svardead, Brodon Renrion, Virtuous Fate, Tart tefas, Walljogafacil, Shishibleang and Bekin Never Die.

2019-09-07 05:04:28

Annihilated at Level 654 by Layccan, Demian Hound, Lahaul, Sudinhoo, Xuxa Druiid, Druidaozexx, Trak Imperial, Orthorn Ironi, Thor Fender, Makeerziinha, War Nub, Olin Dene, Rossizzinho, Rampage Inabra, Sorc do vishur, Abner The bag, Ziks Vales, Mono Zin, Queen Paralocksz and Tiao Damiao.Assisted by Ren atin.

2019-09-06 11:01:21

Died at Level 655 by a midnight asura.

2019-09-03 16:15:25

Eliminated at Level 655 by Of Devil, Hotta, Oushimink, Sweety Miaw, Adeuslag, Minii Rusho, Cabarvi, Coffee Killer, Hilda Druide, Rampage Inabra, Blan Mago, Athao Warmode, Di egoh, Claudinha Pazos, Bacuras and Yuri Retorn.

2019-08-19 03:43:54

Killed at Level 654 by Akainuz, Gstvo Druid and a grimeleech.Assisted by Famous The Cholo, Khaoz Rsiete, Jamesz Know and Michi The Queen.

1970-01-01 01:00:00

Annihilated at Level 654 by Rei Gordao, Lahaul, Xuxa Druiid, Avezzano, Trak Imperial, Soul Cunheteiro, Abandonad Os, War Nub, Student Death, Pantera Marotow, Akura Sorc, Car Ninha, Lady Moon Black, Kwignonicus, Naty Grots, Fran Mac Mady, Namun Colina Uno, Prael Siphind, Toco selvagem, Svardead, Dard Morly, Tart tefas, Shoreline Beige, Walljogafacil, Shishibleang, Hellgate Fury and Bekin Never Die.Assisted by Almofadinha, Fazedor de rune, Brodon Renrion and Taurentino.

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World Transfers

Solidera => Inabra

Name changes

Legend Maniako => Lahaul
Kinocks Representa => Legend Maniako
Delsiak the Mage => Kinocks Representa
Fryoff El Padre => Delsiak the Mage