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Info about Kibyy (T) (Last update: Feb 12 2019)

Carnera (*)
Master Sorcerer
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Latest Death Entries (show all)

2019-01-29 03:57:04

Eliminated at Level 246 by Sagez Revenge, Rektby Merlin, Andyz Revenge, Gio Neversleep, Javier Madlife, Lio Madlife, Akinael Rushwar, Jazz End, Gunteki Crow, Tomas Carnereando, Vicariiuz, Elzyx End, Lino Ferl, Ijslkamslasz oky, Blocker War, Jonaxx Rush, Znexx, Xirotu and Zeereff.

2019-01-24 06:52:49

Killed at Level 245 by Teerko Aca. Assisted by Rune Warr, Jazz End, Tomas Carnereando, Maus Aca, Zidavener, Puntikoh War, Malzeram, Tecuino el Champion, Scorzinho Aca, Allanzin, Addramelech, Jooryhh, Miller Targaryen, Pyro Frontea, Joao Style, King Excessus, Mija Aca, Leo Mortem, Samkiing, Skilwaker and King Irving.

2019-01-24 06:07:23

Annihilated at Level 245 by Javier Rushwar, Leo Rushwar, Lio Madlife, Gunteki Crow, Maus Aca, Elzyx End, Lordisaaccss, Nazgul Aca, Malzeram, Tecuino el Champion, King Davee, Scorzinho Aca, American Avenger, Adrian Mutante, Neneexx, Lider Mago, Allanzin, Ziggy Aca, Addramelech, Aegarr, Sensationsz, Pyro Frontea, King Excessus, Hob It, Maguito Driver, Samkiing, Zip zaaap, Zae Archer and Bubus Wayne.

2019-01-21 07:28:52

Eliminated at Level 246 by Belilu, Lio Madlife, Yoha Frontline, Sikiing, Odetnecioko, Maus Aca, Elzyx End, Alberto Rushwar, Nazgul Aca, Tecuino el Champion, Lider Mago, Allanzin, Panda Dummy, Dulce Illusion, Noleveleo, Samkiing and Old Aleex.

2019-01-18 07:51:29

Killed at Level 246 by Lio Madlife. Assisted by Drogo Jabbawockeez, Tecuino el Champion, Aegarr, Phoenix spin, Sir Mandy, Pedro Billetes and Draven Advantaged.

2019-01-18 05:54:51

Slain at Level 246 by Jazz End, Odetnecioko, Trymajsieoku, Gabox end and Estragoz Lovewar. Assisted by Akinael Rushwar, Kent Thoxz, Vicariiuz, Alberto Rushwar, Nazgul Aca, Joory Frontea, Tecuino el Champion, Scorzinho Aca, Scorpion Rushwar, Josezin War, Shecho Ultima Sombra, Aegarr, Fury Dagu, Sir Mandy, Reychen, Cercei Nun, Pyro Frontea, Regio Pacman, Dulce frio, Runne War, Pedro Billetes, Kary Vzla Style and Yakuuz Sky.

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