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Info about Jonny Mage (T) (Last update: Sep 15 2019)

Dibra (*)
Master Sorcerer
Premium Account
Latest Death Entries (show all)

2019-07-06 07:28:33

Slain at Level 52 by Vitz Vackeiro, Andreyzaum Boo, Roney Vemtranquilo, Linconlll, Prima do Batman, Monofase, Retianoo and Amadores De Motoca.

2019-07-06 07:22:43

Slain at Level 52 by Andreyzaum Boo, Ian Wojownik, Roney Vemtranquilo, Niz Huud, Prima do Batman and Duuhsz.

2019-07-04 04:42:41

Eliminated at Level 52 by Bruxo Hok, Jeff Soberano, Leozz In, Matheus Soberano, Erredez Alvinhoosz, Robaru Meuwand, Velhozerah Datropa, Niz Huud, Completo Il, Rogex Joysz, San Melliodas, Duuhsz, Garotao Thekill, Mano viis, Pikeno Boladao, Asthmatic Kid, Clonkirito and Elder Mtsa.

2019-07-04 00:08:06

Killed at Level 53 by Matheus cheideodio and a gazer spectre.

2019-07-03 23:42:56

Slain at Level 53 by Andreyzaum Ensina, Ian Wojownik, Farao Tutankamndo, Elder Leonard and Lord Maximmuz.

2019-07-03 23:28:37

Killed at Level 53 by Jekkazoord and a trap.

2019-07-03 20:54:55

Killed at Level 53 by Sourietard Thya, Wmaresia, Rogex Joysz and Priezymexia Wick.

2019-07-02 07:39:46

Slain at Level 53 by Robaru Meuwand, Crusther Tidibra, Peniche Revollutiion, Eobala Dibraconhaa, Luizerah Dashow, Warborn Ceroll, Kalayn and Samtox.

2019-07-02 07:38:01

Killed at Level 53 by Robaru Meuwand, Warborn Ceroll and Samtox.

2019-07-02 07:23:49

Killed at Level 53 by Sourietard Thya and Warborn Ceroll.

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