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Info about Hoztiliter (T) (Last update: Sep 09 2019)

Garnera (*)
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Latest Death Entries (show all)

2019-06-23 10:00:19

Slain at Level 219 by Buxi, Chaisz Rotch, Pablosqui Tankanada, Soxiz Discoteca, Vysterian, He lio and Mateo Garnera.

2019-06-21 08:06:18

Annihilated at Level 219 by Pabloxd, Chaisz Rotch, Pablosqui Tankanada, Cyrax Rcinco, Gorgonita Miguelpss, Tizto Capone, Profeta Galactiko, Sasukee Uchiha, Gorgonita Deadly, Konekomaru, Snowpy, Gorgonita Liux, Beat Sickwave, Kim Oak, Enix bell, Lady Teporocha, Shifler, Nieves Blanca, Paralize Timy, Charlotte Eimy, Marraneando ando and Novakiz.

2019-06-21 08:00:41

Killed at Level 219 by Pabloxd, Ryan Capone and Isz Rah.

2019-06-21 07:59:59

Annihilated at Level 219 by Pabloxd, Chaisz Rotch, Pablosqui Tankanada, Dante Stark, Gorgonita Miguelpss, Ryan Capone, Tizto Capone, Sasukee Uchiha, Griffith the Falcon, Snowpy, Gorgonita Liux, Isz Rah, Kim Oak, Enix bell, Lady Teporocha, Mendoza Os, Ariannys, Brenito Carrera, Nieves Blanca, Jerzcko, Paralize Timy, Charlotte Eimy, Kushhina Rotch and Soul Cian.

2019-06-18 06:09:04

Crushed at Level 219 by Darcam, Marit, Pirata de Qliakn, Pandita Isback, Amira Tewaquemar, Sinwalear Encuarta, Eimytha, Morto Dela, Calerga, Gera Os and Mateo Sain Nanu. Assisted by Mini Lelia, Pio la Cabeza and Miguel Odiosito.

2019-06-18 06:05:38

Crushed at Level 220 by Magrinhu Boladu, Pabz, Sonnytom, Pandita Isback, Brenito Carrera, Destruccion yy Muerte, Presidente Leon, Presidente Banessa, Sekne, Calerga, Gera Os, Mateo Sain Nanu and Chixpita. Assisted by Liger Air, Pirata de Qliakn, Amira Tewaquemar, Sinwalear Encuarta, Ruzzk, Bendicion de Chaisrotch, Miguel Odiosito, Pedrito Vizzard, Andreaowski, Pego duro alejate and Ahazu.

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World Transfers

Firmera => Garnera

Name changes

Rhaegar Madlife => Hoztiliter

Level Advances

2019-06-17 06:18:01
2019-06-13 06:27:01