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Info about Defektd (T) (Last update: Aug 21 2019)

Solidera (*)
Elder Druid
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Latest Death Entries (show all)

2019-07-11 07:00:24

Eliminated at Level 295 by Esspartaco, Laredo nene, Skamet, Russdoll, Stylex Candy, Aleamod Tyranus, Sir Jean David, Sniffles, Dracc, Lord mandriva, Super Sargento, Maziiken, Neo Paramax, Careokes and Ludobico Pluche.

2019-06-22 05:53:05

Slain at Level 295 by Whiteboi Killa, Slush, Torch, Metal Face Doom and Moonseed.

2019-06-06 19:42:00

Slain at Level 295 by Wopeh Mors, Recon Raider, Bleks Mors, Reetz Simmons, Frizone and Andur Pena.

2019-06-02 16:55:09

Killed at Level 295 by Gerarz, Lord caos jak, Pedritox Soulfire and Pocholiin.

2019-06-01 13:00:37

Slain at Level 295 by Recon Raider, Ultimate dragon knight, Knight Fershoo, Nablan Nova, Weydens, Pradito, Royal maraquia and Ludobico Pluche.

2019-05-20 10:22:47

Killed at Level 295 by Arhagon.

2019-05-19 05:44:24

Killed at Level 296 by Hoobastaank, Mondanito and a frazzlemaw.

2019-05-19 05:36:03

Killed at Level 297 by Yusshiito, Hoobastaank, Mondanito and a frazzlemaw.

2019-05-19 05:29:47

Crushed at Level 297 by Gandhi meir, Rojito, Pecas The Last, Alex Malajunta, Yusshiito, Sthiven Sky, Felipe The Creator, Hoobastaank, Sheamus Smith, Mondanito, Mazzamorra, Megalanza and Dead Knight Cloud.

2019-05-17 09:57:35

Crushed at Level 296 by Zix Zonny, Lic Cawama, Kogaxsz, Yusshiito, Nova Saixx, Exominus, Arky hero, Akus knight, Zmakeyz and Under Magiick.

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