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Info about Amigo Bueno (T) (Last update: Aug 13 2019)

Wintera (*)
Master Sorcerer
Premium Account
Latest Death Entries (show all)

2019-07-24 06:07:24

Killed at Level 57 by Good Faitao, Druid of Merlin and Dani Malandro.Assisted by Ludacrits and Nasty Boom.

2019-07-23 06:17:45

Eliminated at Level 57 by Mogulkan, Don Hellstorm, Jassa Shil, Wachiturrio Demon, Anferz Villa, Jubei Ruthless, Sky Terror, Invade Firmera, Ferah Shirenn, Argon Cher, Kha six, Lady Tchuba, Saintdav Rockefeller, Erikzsk, Iyob Filiae, Warlith and Mario Fer.Assisted by Willard the Wise.

2019-07-22 06:53:32

Slain at Level 57 by Lyrone Kriminal, Galleta Voladora, King Trickz, Druid of Merlin, Chris Tankowiek and Auriya Eksde.

2019-07-22 06:37:47

Slain at Level 57 by Satanis Wunna, Daaryl Dixon Venezuela, Jeth Lee, Ryner Kun, Druid of Merlin, Alley Cat Schenectady and Tela Deje Caiman.

2019-07-22 04:25:20

Slain at Level 58 by Don Hellstorm, Dakar Sugest, Storm Farstorm, Capitao kalid and Xezt.

2019-06-26 08:37:09

Killed at Level 58 by Amigo Bueno, Cadiro vakkers and Marcianiita Pink.

2019-06-26 06:14:41

Killed at Level 58 by Rektbyy Aleex, Bombita Luisz and Lobito Acme.

2019-06-26 06:13:52

Killed at Level 58 by Rektbyy Aleex, Brruxsz, Pajitas jones and Lobito Acme.

2019-06-26 06:13:06

Slain at Level 58 by Rektbyy Aleex, Brruxsz, Pajitas jones, Monito Tierno and Lobito Acme.

2019-06-26 06:12:17

Slain at Level 58 by Rektbyy Aleex, Brruxsz, Monito Tierno, Samu Bebe, Wintera Estelar and Lobito Acme.

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