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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

1371 results found for 'Wildcrits' in category Killer

Fulaneiken (Jul 14 2019, 04:36:20)
Crushed at Level 315 by Daniboby, Ali Zirt, Snake Riddled, Wildcrits, Fulaneiken, Braianzera, Soul Tatic, Secret Agent Witch, Moch, Super Nephian, Saya Red and Yarianyy.
Wildcrits (Jun 27 2019, 21:44:24)
Killed at Level 468 by Wildcrits and a grimeleech.
Vicios Delicios Inc (Jun 23 2019, 05:50:20)
Slain at Level 234 by Bane the Druid, Valleran, Krackin, Hsuaso, Wildcrits, Vicios Delicios Inc, Ohi Died and Brujo Yboolius.
Ruthless Jefer (Jun 23 2019, 05:50:10)
Slain at Level 330 by Bane the Druid, Krackin, Nottyy, Hsuaso, Wildcrits, Tide Pods and Ohi Died. Assisted by Vicios Delicios Inc.
Aric Seeker (Jun 23 2019, 05:49:35)
Annihilated at Level 466 by Antoine Warlike, King Moniito, Vicko Cazh, Trella, Gpa Snow, Casas Starkk, Cesha Storm, Sagna Zilede, King Trickz, Biersack, Wildcrits, Walt Warz, Crii Crisz, Zackantha, Fula Terissimo, Itz Lancer, Yeiikz The Pusher, Proteczux, Kaliddz, Claryssa Grimm, Nunerabhz, Sub omb, Lady Tchuba, Saintdav Rockefeller and Seosz.
Cesha Storm (Jun 23 2019, 05:44:36)
Crushed at Level 421 by Bane the Druid, Valleran, Gpa Snow, Cesha Storm, Hsuaso, Chermoh, Wildcrits, Tide Pods, Ohi Died, Diego ink and Prospero Angard. Assisted by Harry Hellstorm, Antoine Warlike, Iron Bakron, Sub omb and Lady Tchuba.
Waco Acme (Jun 23 2019, 05:44:06)
Slain at Level 297 by Bane the Druid, Aric Seeker, Thrall Son Of Thurathar, Gpa Snow, Wildcrits, Diego ink, Rinsey and Prospero Angard. Assisted by Storm Shadow, Ghotaen Thox and Itz Lancer.
Satanis Wunna (Jun 23 2019, 05:43:44)
Crushed at Level 339 by Aric Seeker, Gpa Snow, Krackin, Nottyy, Danny Hardstyle, Wildcrits, Tide Pods, Ohi Died, Rinsey, May Allen and Fresh Death. Assisted by Harry Hellstorm, Trella, Iron Bakron, Cesha Storm and Sub omb.
Trella (Jun 23 2019, 05:42:40)
Eliminated at Level 480 by Bane the Druid, Aric Seeker, Mercyy, Weens, Trella, Gpa Snow, Azuran The Fearless, Krackin, Nottyy, Danny Hardstyle, Wildcrits, Tide Pods, Ohi Died, Diego ink, Rinsey, Prospero Angard and May Allen. Assisted by Harry Hellstorm, Cesha Storm, Satanis Wunna, Claryssa Grimm, Taris Pracownik, Nunerabhz and Sub omb.
Lil Sebastian (Jun 20 2019, 09:52:27)
Crushed at Level 456 by Johnny Sans, Samz Acme, Methal gena, Danny Hardstyle, Wildcrits, Rektbyy Aleex, Zukra, Mario do carnage, Twice Astartus, Gadota and Francisco Elmenor.
Wildcrits (Jun 19 2019, 01:39:00)
Killed at Level 462 by Wildcrits and a vexclaw.
Junsoadd (Jun 18 2019, 02:40:34)
Slain at Level 232 by Krackin, Lord Sinful, Junsoadd, Wildcrits, Barkiyo, Jawkz, Willyboii, Zeonnic and a vexclaw.
Renati Trotamundos (Jun 18 2019, 02:33:47)
Killed at Level 403 by Renati Trotamundos, Wildcrits, Secret Agent Crab and a vexclaw.
Junsoadd (Jun 16 2019, 19:52:22)
Killed at Level 232 by Galleta Voladora, Junsoadd and Wildcrits.
Zeritovip (Jun 15 2019, 09:55:58)
Killed at Level 35 by Wildcrits.