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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

40 results found for 'Royal Acadia' in category Victim

Royal Acadia (Jul 17 2019, 23:09:40)
Killed at Level 588 by Royal Acadia and a vexclaw.
Royal Acadia (Mar 07 2019, 01:33:00)
Died at Level 542 by a falcon paladin.
Royal Acadia (Mar 05 2019, 22:39:59)
Killed at Level 543 by Royal Acadia and a guzzlemaw. Assisted by Chsky Elsen.
Royal Acadia (Feb 08 2019, 22:34:14)
Died at Level 527 by a reality reaver.
Royal Acadia (Oct 18 2018, 19:59:43)
Annihilated at Level 428 by Frozen Thugz, Goldor Toreguwok, Fenixsz, Primeiro Dobatlou, Magaiver Norrys, Megazord, Waxashan, Bruxinha Healling, Sias Paralyzing, Red Skull Sorc, Rovickh Semvida, Sound Darkside, Tidiifen, Champa of Destruction, Dsetemeiiadois, Lali Nit, Meridith Gray, Mormyshao, Carla Speedy, Manuzerahh, Eduh Healer, Norbassorc and Thiisz. Assisted by Tete Darkside.
Royal Acadia (Oct 12 2018, 07:52:26)
Died at Level 421 by a midnight asura.
Royal Acadia (Oct 11 2018, 17:55:33)
Died at Level 421 by a true dawnfire asura.
Royal Acadia (Oct 10 2018, 06:54:26)
Died at Level 419 by a midnight asura.
Royal Acadia (Oct 06 2018, 05:36:50)
Died at Level 417 by a midnight asura.
Royal Acadia (Sep 22 2018, 05:59:16)
Killed at Level 408 by Royal Acadia and a grimeleech.
Royal Acadia (Sep 20 2018, 07:02:08)
Died at Level 407 by a midnight asura.
Royal Acadia (Aug 27 2018, 06:51:18)
Died at Level 381 by a plaguesmith.
Royal Acadia (Aug 22 2018, 01:47:41)
Annihilated at Level 370 by Keelzeraax, Trebys, Leo Podcre, Reis Ousado, Sah kiido, Beiby Jhony, Red Skull Sorc, Fitininho Mage, Meiio Dia, Kallenzera Queridinha, Sir Raykkou, Kozinkz, Pen Drive Cheio, Eddy Cana Brava, Vini moss, Keren Dalie, Lala Witch, Bialice, Madara Os, Peddro Demon, Mirim Cin and Terror Donodavan depastel. Assisted by Talgo Mosh.
Royal Acadia (Aug 06 2018, 05:17:31)
Killed at Level 360 by Royal Acadia and an energy elemental.
Royal Acadia (Aug 05 2018, 06:38:12)
Died at Level 359 by a choking fear.