Death Entry


With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

Latest death entries

Arthanian (Aug 19 2019, 00:58:25)
Died at Level 336 by a blightwalker.
Unlegitrod (Aug 18 2019, 23:56:53)
Killed at Level 600 by Unlegitrod and a trap.Assisted by Evelar.
Chaisz Rotch (Aug 18 2019, 23:28:01)
Killed at Level 723 by Chaisz Rotch and a grimeleech.
Mehilitus (Aug 18 2019, 23:25:12)
Killed at Level 503 by Mehilitus and a deathling scout.
Bakbook (Aug 18 2019, 23:17:12)
Annihilated at Level 452 by Nahh the Evill, Sir Fagas, Nonuss, Margarius, Bakbook, Lord Mrbenq, Soulrack, Obscurita, Agob The Destroyers, Shedox, Magic Keo, Sinjestar, Toxic Fabio, Troy, Glardax Naeluzil, Xapaxboom, No Vita, Vodzianek, Kaxigasandra, Teekushi, Don Paputione, Kielich Cytryny, Lar zac, Lord Grendall, Rivero and Prot Ek.Assisted by Edek Kartofelek.
Bakbook (Aug 18 2019, 22:41:12)
Eliminated at Level 452 by Margarius, Bakbook, Szybki Najtor, Agob The Destroyers, Sir Modeuszz, Magic Keo, Tumas Lidera Catalonia, Sputnik Jorm, Glardax Naeluzil, Myrux, Roberto Sabugo, Guerrero Jefe, Lord Grendall, Tullit Slayer and Picquaitt Paralyzer.
Alex Flow (Aug 18 2019, 22:19:52)
Killed at Level 414 by Saianz.
Brunor Mendes (Aug 18 2019, 22:16:47)
Killed at Level 564 by Jaime Magnata, Shishijeang and a burning book.
Alizabeth (Aug 18 2019, 22:01:53)
Died at Level 427 by a phantasm.
Brunor Mendes (Aug 18 2019, 21:55:51)
Killed at Level 565 by Lucas Hell and an energetic book.Assisted by Riicardinho Rox.
Bakbook (Aug 18 2019, 21:50:45)
Died at Level 453 by a true dawnfire asura.
Vigoku (Aug 18 2019, 21:40:32)
Crushed at Level 416 by Jacek Kocie Flaki, Solu, Perunn, Twisted Gutek, Newili Neverskull, Magiska Muppis, Revanne, Honey Dreamer, Sorcerer Szogun, Heite Drakum, Dhany Dominando, Mini Viini and Mad Malpa.
Vigoku (Aug 18 2019, 21:32:05)
Annihilated at Level 416 by Jacek Kocie Flaki, Beast Pups, Solu, Perunn, Stor Schlevarn, Haszmar, Twisted Gutek, Magiska Muppis, Mala Sita, Revanne, Honey Dreamer, Bow ani, Matze big brain, Sorcerer Szogun, Parcel Adik, Magic Kiki, Dhany Dominando, Titosaurio, Rafii Degustator, Mini Viini, Nevamdi and Mat Druid.
Brunor Mendes (Aug 18 2019, 21:24:08)
Eliminated at Level 565 by Swanie, Rei Mooca, Luan Goexp, Draciak, Sir of fight, Payasin the Beyonder, Rommero, Dani Goexp, Fhaelz, Bielxz, Marc Houle, Will Hardcori, Rusho, Harry Zerot and a true dawnfire asura.
Brunor Mendes (Aug 18 2019, 21:19:40)
Crushed at Level 566 by Sheep do Chaos, Draciak, Payasin the Beyonder, Rommero, Dani Goexp, Fhaelz, Bielxz, Marc Houle, Neto Cheiodemedo, Will Hardcori, Rusho and Harry Zerot.