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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

41 results found for 'Quebrada Bruto' in category Killer

Quebrada Bruto (Jun 10 2019, 23:12:06)
Killed at Level 398 by Quebrada Bruto and death.
Sudden Raev (Jun 10 2019, 22:47:44)
Slain at Level 186 by Sirbeck, Theuxp Perigoso, Necrro, Nann Relajado, Quebrada Bruto and Duh Bruto.
Igorzito Charlover (Jun 08 2019, 15:15:23)
Slain at Level 441 by Joba Yagg, Rohbz, Luizerah Midorikawa, Luxxoy, Nann Relajado, Quebrada Bruto, Igorzito Charlover, Jhapa and In dio.
Klets (Jun 06 2019, 22:02:30)
Killed at Level 83 by Quebrada Bruto and Jina Dremus.
Sudden Raev (Jun 05 2019, 21:19:14)
Slain at Level 186 by Quebrada Bruto, Chaasy, Nomad assassino, Samoth Nosdur and Jack Malvado Daralhaszz.
Veri Eezi (May 22 2019, 00:28:24)
Killed at Level 117 by Doctor Isback and Quebrada Bruto.
Kin Fly (May 21 2019, 04:11:59)
Killed at Level 74 by Trem Assombrado, Quebrada Bruto and Pharest King.
Quebrada Bruto (May 18 2019, 03:30:02)
Killed at Level 369 by Quebrada Bruto and a deepling worker.
Juaquin Guzman Loera (May 14 2019, 23:16:41)
Killed at Level 79 by Quebrada Bruto.
Abbey Karson (May 14 2019, 20:50:39)
Killed at Level 146 by Quebrada Bruto.
Bob Bruto (May 14 2019, 00:33:44)
Killed at Level 57 by Quebrada Bruto.
Matadomor (May 07 2019, 20:07:02)
Killed at Level 7 by Quebrada Bruto.
Deuslart (May 07 2019, 14:52:19)
Killed at Level 212 by Quebrada Bruto and Deuslart.
Abbey Karson (May 05 2019, 19:34:54)
Killed at Level 143 by Quebrada Bruto and a worker golem.
Crislaine (May 01 2019, 05:20:59)
Killed at Level 47 by Quebrada Bruto, Vinnyxiis and Falcon Zeroo.