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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

25 results found for 'King Anvin' in category Victim

King Anvin (Aug 24 2019, 16:09:52)
Killed at Level 1133 by King Anvin.Assisted by Blessed Junao and Zuricath Brun.
King Anvin (Jun 27 2019, 22:09:21)
Annihilated at Level 1087 by Evewar, Wallacee, Gepetin The Stomper, Exivinho, Zeeh Camiisadez, Patoxzor, Nenaz Enterprise, Rodzeira, Ze zin, Neiuzinhu Dashow, Mudinha Hazered, Paii leeh, Phyro skywall, Holy Lindu, Netinhuo Enterprise, Netinho Enterprise, Holy Teteuzinho, Thungx, Bandit arrow, Insync nobru, Bira Afronta Os, Guiking, Viiniizs, Royal Brutaality, Ed Vulk, Ratinho Zuera and Alef Camisadez. Assisted by Jo nny, Megazord, Zenkedy and Kalax Dominante.
King Anvin (Jun 12 2019, 02:28:30)
Killed at Level 1076 by Rex Snow and a falcon paladin. Assisted by Ma nu.
King Anvin (May 16 2019, 03:16:34)
Died at Level 1056 by energy.
King Anvin (Apr 15 2019, 02:45:59)
Annihilated at Level 1022 by Magon Nitary, Soldier Rush, Ze zin, Guiicc, Ektas Paralyzer, King Muy, Elder Vysox, Raaotiz, Finest Bruno, Xiisdde, Phyrozin skywall, Pogbazor, Mel Lothbrok, Warrior Yumo, Cousin of Death, Druigi do sio, Pege dalesd, Maquininhaa da Cielo, Padovani Legends, Theri Megis, Odaruod, Aerva Tank, Swimba, Drop Retun, Sunni Bomba, Futarius, Suhsz, Tufyy, Refutado, Deilson do derley, Coitadinh Os, Terceiro Grau, Serdebra Cup One, Locko Lyrac and Geleia Paralyza Full. Assisted by Daxanaa, Sauroman Death, Capetao, Ratazana Kamikaze, Bocas Housee, Thiagov the legend, Bombyta, Promin Vaulibudur and Serdebrinha mec.
King Anvin (Mar 09 2019, 16:49:40)
Died at Level 1017 by a grimeleech.
King Anvin (Mar 08 2019, 15:00:48)
Died at Level 1016 by a hellflayer.
King Anvin (Feb 22 2019, 06:27:01)
Died at Level 1009 by a grimeleech.
King Anvin (Feb 19 2019, 13:59:24)
Killed at Level 1009 by Rodzeira and a grimeleech.
King Anvin (Feb 05 2019, 22:26:45)
Annihilated at Level 1003 by Blaze Stile, Megazord, Maziwani, Enemmy Down, Kelus Tehergus, Juca Da Bala, Ravea Wigoran, Mage Natoo, Obombera do Rodolfera, Demoniah, Danna Fiit, Champa of Destruction, Sorcerer Hermione, Oudrion, Lipao Cabradapeste, Douglaas, Febrill, Mini mossdeff, Brunim low, Gutera Mago, Onirekam, Kuririn do sio, Deu bomm, Lala Bruxinha, Mirim Cin, Peronga Druid, Dereekz on Quelibra, Florence Tsocaa, Sargento Citi, Edsin Delicinha and Rushlerzord. Assisted by Gnominho Bandido.
King Anvin (Feb 01 2019, 20:18:32)
Died at Level 1003 by a hellflayer.
King Anvin (Jan 07 2019, 03:12:54)
Died at Level 993 by a hellflayer.
King Anvin (Dec 22 2018, 15:10:25)
Died at Level 978 by a hellflayer.
King Anvin (Nov 29 2018, 22:10:57)
Killed at Level 962 by Rodzeira and a spectre.
King Anvin (Nov 23 2018, 16:37:37)
Killed at Level 959 by Rodzeira, Magentis and a grimeleech.