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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

2405 results found for 'Haijry' in category Killer

Kemmo (Jul 01 2019, 18:35:07)
Slain at Level 397 by Haijry, Supi, Empa, Furkan Pytt, Possci and Anas Theymie.
Kazur Scythe (Jun 29 2019, 15:34:47)
Killed at Level 49 by Haijry.
Osius Ascla (Jun 29 2019, 01:31:02)
Killed at Level 63 by Haijry and Osius Ascla.
Summon of Inferna (Jun 28 2019, 23:03:28)
Killed at Level 91 by Haijry and Anas Theymie.
Falcon Plate (Jun 28 2019, 22:49:37)
Killed at Level 49 by Haijry, Summon of Inferna and Falcon Plate.
Falcon Plate (Jun 27 2019, 20:35:40)
Killed at Level 50 by Haijry.
Anosbong (Jun 26 2019, 18:58:59)
Crushed at Level 387 by They Masslogged, Relentless Rektrim, Kalanovix, Haijry, Relentless Grizzly, Hotshot Chronofix, Musselitow, Pro Quapux, Dry Insomnia and Not Zapu.
Palkins (Jun 25 2019, 23:38:27)
Killed at Level 205 by Haijry, Snaaaaask and Anas Theymie.
Terytorials (Jun 25 2019, 16:52:18)
Killed at Level 96 by Haijry.
Mago Bever (Jun 24 2019, 22:37:07)
Killed at Level 110 by Haijry.
Kazur Scythe (Jun 24 2019, 21:04:30)
Killed at Level 51 by Haijry.
Party Crashern (Jun 24 2019, 19:01:48)
Slain at Level 171 by Bugzy Malone, Hotshot Chronofix, Kaaffarekk, Ava Dem, Rebola Prokid and Grovebeast of Haijry.
Mago Bever (Jun 20 2019, 15:18:36)
Killed at Level 110 by Haijry.
Lilisor (Jun 15 2019, 20:09:20)
Killed at Level 51 by Haijry and an orc berserker.
Chucky Zip (Jun 15 2019, 17:42:54)
Crushed at Level 252 by Charlover Kalan, Haijry, Arto Godsent, Joutzen Godsent, Hotshot Chronofix, Wilkztrakt, Empa, Anas Theymie, Dava Rim and Shamook.