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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

39 results found for 'Gordo Bodega' in category Victim

Gordo Bodega (Jul 16 2016, 22:35:48)
Slain at Level 99 by Sokrazitho Jack, Cholopewe, Kalaan, Jow Cops, Sir Lamborghinii, Bala friia, Elite Sailent and Pothirenis Aleng.
Gordo Bodega (Jul 13 2016, 06:37:10)
Slain at Level 99 by Terompo Tuchoro, Xiza Felema, Gordo Bodega, Ciinder Hell and Sequenze Broke.
Gordo Bodega (Jul 08 2016, 04:11:29)
Died at Level 95 by a rift brood.
Gordo Bodega (Jul 07 2016, 05:12:37)
Killed at Level 95 by Gordo Bodega and a plaguesmith.
Gordo Bodega (Jun 28 2016, 04:29:48)
Killed at Level 92 by Baleriaa and Kaeta Zany. Assisted by Noris Gleys.
Gordo Bodega (Jun 17 2016, 02:58:46)
Killed at Level 86 by Gordo Bodega and a hellspawn.
Gordo Bodega (Jun 09 2016, 20:32:13)
Killed at Level 85 by Royal Rheo and Sea Druid.
Gordo Bodega (May 24 2016, 05:46:25)
Killed at Level 83 by Gerarlt, Bolaa Ruush and Gordo Bodega.
Gordo Bodega (May 06 2016, 07:05:51)
Killed at Level 83 by Gordo Bodega.
Gordo Bodega (Apr 03 2016, 07:02:18)
Killed at Level 78 by Kiing Kaos, Son Trecee and Sime alcanza.
Gordo Bodega (Feb 21 2016, 00:00:58)
Died at Level 77 by a hellspawn.
Gordo Bodega (Jan 25 2016, 03:42:14)
Killed at Level 73 by True Flags, Issa Doll and Soreah Lock.
Gordo Bodega (Jan 22 2016, 04:51:30)
Killed at Level 73 by Diozito and Kobux. Assisted by Kross Angell and Elder Kandol.
Gordo Bodega (Jan 18 2016, 07:57:26)
Died at Level 73 by a grim reaper.
Gordo Bodega (Dec 13 2015, 05:12:30)
Slain at Level 64 by Derek Goodenough, Aztek Insane, King Puchi, Lord Moct, Jorge Dantt, Haik, Daniellz, Lord Hubardds and King True Chacal.