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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

20 results found for 'David-Palladyn' in category Victim

David-Palladyn (Mar 20 2016, 23:27:59)
Killed at Level 137 by Max Sider and Sven de Madness.
David-Palladyn (Oct 31 2015, 09:16:23)
Killed at Level 138 by a fire elemental of Zolineek.
David-Palladyn (Apr 13 2015, 16:48:57)
Killed at Level 138 by Arcyksionrze Ultrabek Julian, Little Angii and Corymiarz.
David-Palladyn (Jan 04 2015, 00:09:24)
Slain at Level 138 by Lukuth, Zibaar, Xomeus, Aldek, Senz on Screen, Bowyn Xarde, Gladyjator and Wlad Wladyslaw. Assisted by Master Git Stefan, Distance Pro, Szalona Costa, Salpirao and Jacekhoi Nakopal Dodoopy.
David-Palladyn (Jan 04 2015, 00:00:03)
Slain at Level 138 by Huxy, Zorna Knight'Shade, Rodrexx Dunkelheit, Vurue, Noxto, Druidx Beeck, Dojii and Snorlaz.
David-Palladyn (Jan 03 2015, 23:19:52)
Killed at Level 139 by Patryg, Revolus and Abix Trungery.
David-Palladyn (Dec 02 2014, 21:31:50)
Killed at Level 138 by Dawoqq and Falco Peregrinus.
David-Palladyn (Nov 30 2014, 23:47:22)
Slain at Level 138 by Krastin, Joayn Thelis, Matejio, Bowyn Xarde, Shisol and Lysta Taxo.
David-Palladyn (Nov 15 2014, 14:27:00)
Slain at Level 137 by Soltrion, Avernus Mage, Dawoqq, Vanseti and Roha Cryney.
David-Palladyn (Aug 16 2014, 17:13:51)
Died at Level 129 by a drillworm.
David-Palladyn (Jul 31 2014, 23:44:12)
Killed at Level 129 by Azikor. Assisted by Pala lokko.
David-Palladyn (Jul 29 2014, 16:04:58)
Died at Level 130 by The Old Widow.
David-Palladyn (May 12 2013, 12:06:14)
Killed at Level 130 by Lobie Czosnek, Marylion, Neurexon and Prze Mag.
David-Palladyn (Apr 30 2013, 20:31:22)
Died at Level 130 by a demon.
David-Palladyn (Apr 24 2013, 23:18:52)
Killed at Level 125 by David-Palladyn and The Old Widow.