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With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

71 results found for 'Blind Ranger' in category Victim

Blind Ranger (Apr 13 2018, 01:40:48)
Died at Level 16 by a ghoul.
Blind Ranger (Apr 11 2018, 17:29:04)
Died at Level 3 by a dawnfly.
Blind Ranger (Aug 03 2016, 01:17:44)
Died at Level 33 by a water buffalo.
Blind Ranger (Dec 16 2015, 22:55:38)
Died at Level 33 by a demon skeleton.
Blind Ranger (May 18 2015, 02:39:08)
Slain at Level 358 by Huhad, Neneszerah, Eleta Tutari, Breno Maccabro, Sir Yhor, Mystick Sorcerer, Akira Intrigueiro and Sir Peryster Hero.
Blind Ranger (Apr 27 2015, 07:58:32)
Died at Level 359 by a ghastly dragon.
Blind Ranger (Feb 18 2015, 02:17:32)
Killed at Level 360 by Shonze and a frazzlemaw.
Blind Ranger (Feb 16 2015, 18:47:02)
Killed at Level 360 by Blind Ranger and a deathspawn.
Blind Ranger (Feb 11 2015, 00:25:58)
Died at Level 360 by a draken abomination.
Blind Ranger (Jan 25 2015, 08:28:36)
Crushed at Level 360 by Chinazerah, Ceveros, Lilao da Ricaria, Danisen, Crowley Opi, Mestre Skulls, Hamilton Metralha, Prince on pelego, Shewps Intrigueiro, Modziwn and Dudu Mata Rindo.
Blind Ranger (Jan 14 2015, 21:56:56)
Slain at Level 360 by Blind Ranger, Gi Dos Bastidores, Crowley Opi, Jing, Godlike Exidy, Ticomage, Nem Viu Caiu and Leao of Rei.
Blind Ranger (Jan 14 2015, 05:34:16)
Crushed at Level 360 by Clax Shane, Crowley Opi, Aiya Nacam, Warrior Saps, Kyaxp, Okzuc, Felipim of Kyller, Maniiacaah, Arkan The Legend, Dudu Mata Rindo and Elderziinho kyller.
Blind Ranger (Jan 12 2015, 21:13:29)
Died at Level 361 by a shock head.
Blind Ranger (Jan 10 2015, 05:13:19)
Killed at Level 362 by Viittiinz and a frazzlemaw.
Blind Ranger (Jan 06 2015, 23:09:26)
Annihilated at Level 363 by Chinazerah, Dieh, General Fire Eagle, Sarkaia Sirato, Maah Loira, Daissy Max, Rusty Bloker, Viittiinz, Pedrof, Dranda Wrencher, Clax Shane, Scott Xedros, Godlike Exidy, Aiya Nacam, Roonal, Texzoor, Doryan Wrencher, Kyaxp, Royal Marciox, Henrique, Davijoox, Blind Bull, Kina Ledrag, Kiid Reed, Zalurd Ikaria and Lavaloca Bond.