Death Entry


With this tool you can find all death entries from an indexed player. It doesn’t matter if the entry was deleted from the characters profile at You can search for death entries as a victim, a killer, an assistant killer or even as a monster.

Latest death entries

Seaxual Healing (Jun 17 2019, 02:02:41)
Died at Level 76 by a dragon lord.
Armado (Jun 17 2019, 01:50:31)
Died at Level 480 by an arachnophobica.
Lord Tudy (Jun 17 2019, 01:35:04)
Died at Level 404 by earth.
Pandinha Barenpark (Jun 17 2019, 01:28:20)
Died at Level 115 by a rift scythe.
Faelar Mcgonagall (Jun 17 2019, 01:26:02)
Died at Level 452 by a skeleton elite warrior.
Joven Cabo (Jun 17 2019, 01:21:19)
Died at Level 433 by death.
King Maniack (Jun 17 2019, 01:15:55)
Slain at Level 46 by Zeba Brabo, Solth Obis, Tragico Suspiro, Comandante Tuchi, Hsuaso Oic, Capitan zagara, Quinteriano, Shauria Kara and Pai Hugo Neh.
Thor Bob Lee (Jun 17 2019, 01:15:41)
Killed at Level 226 by Thor Bob Lee and an energy elemental. Assisted by Shyrulimor Keyah and Maguh Malvadu.
Izufeoss (Jun 17 2019, 01:14:48)
Assisted by Bullistic, Fat Ash, King Nut, Mentally Muted, Ale xitos, Dizzy Sio, Non Paso, Kdu, Armado, Myrusz and a rift fragment of Kronek.
King Maniack (Jun 17 2019, 01:14:33)
Killed at Level 46 by Valkrirya, Soul Ryper, Hsuaso Oic and Shauria Kara.
King Maniack (Jun 17 2019, 01:10:37)
Slain at Level 46 by Dillon Rindofull, Wiked Dojiszus Three, Idecapitate, Maisum matador, Secrets Rindofull, Luis Corteez, Vacaum Full Artrose and Shauria Kara. Assisted by Moonz Noir.
Nova Io (Jun 17 2019, 01:09:24)
Eliminated at Level 344 by Caronte Willian, Awitadisimo Full, Santaa closs, Stilinsk, Deathbringer Garghael, Folver, Nick Grimm Burkhardt, Azuk Darqui, Coronel jiraya, Thunder Faps, Morggoth, Pastelito Crudoxs, Damion Stormbreaker, Falzoek, Rhar Akash, Engel Maniack and Bebita Tierna. Assisted by Zeba Brabo, Enfermedad del mal, Theo Flax and Theuz Disturbed.
Mandin'ga (Jun 17 2019, 01:07:28)
Died at Level 492 by energy.
Tragico Suspiro (Jun 17 2019, 01:06:41)
Eliminated at Level 334 by Enfermedad del mal, Leo Emperador, Hellzy Druid, Heroknight, Jean Em Hydera, Caronte Willian, Idecapitate, Awitadisimo Full, Deathbringer Garghael, Coronel jiraya, Marionette Daycore, Thunder Faps, Darkedea, Morggoth, Rotthernxzita, Drasz Tuzzleth, Rhar Akash and Engel Maniack. Assisted by Nenito Flow.
Kalafiorrek (Jun 17 2019, 01:01:22)
Died at Level 404 by Charged Anomaly.