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Are you missing a character in your VIP? Or do you have some strange entries there? Search for them and you'll get an explaination!

The name changes are caught at the player profiles update. So higher levels will be caught earlier than lower levels. This also means that the date is based on the update and not the real date.

Name Changes Summary page 9727 with 25 from 243944 entries

Player Act. Level Act. World Old Name New Name Date
CH_Duke Imperial 180 Saphira Guardiao Delirope Duke Imperial n/a
Bakenko 354 Celesta Xayz Lyczex Bakenko n/a
Druida Nubagui 33 Garnera Manuela Vida Loka Druida Nubagui n/a
Derp Nee 148 Lobera Rufiionfire Derp Nee n/a
Masackratuz 150 Talera Lord Kiki Masackratuz n/a
CH_Pedrowzka 260 Lobera Abhyi Pedrowzka n/a
CH_Pedrowzka 260 Lobera Lucas Soul Abhyi n/a
CH_Raphael Mad 221 Talera Alphac Raphael Mad n/a
Raptor Nova 173 Solidera Inconcessus Nova Raptor Nova n/a
Raptor Nova 173 Solidera Shiingo Nova Inconcessus Nova n/a
Raptor Nova 173 Solidera Hola nova Shiingo Nova n/a
Raptor Nova 173 Solidera Shingon Nova Hola nova n/a
Raptor Nova 173 Solidera Fire Evil Shingon Nova n/a
Plodoski Mage Factive 19 Firmera Ayon Darlyz Plodoski Mage Factive n/a
Jack Diesel 165 Estela Paskuu Sir Oingcelot n/a
Cawcaw Aoki 42 Astera Cawcaw Maiky Litoris Cawcaw Aoki n/a
Mestregrubb 2 Lobera Taide of king Mestregrubb n/a
Dreadlock Soul 73 Zunera Livelife Three Dreadlock Soul n/a
Shooter Satanezio 151 Quintera Hina Louks Shooter Archamed n/a
Dgzinha 189 Gladera Crow Maverick Dgzinha n/a
Dgzinha 189 Gladera Deb Morgann Crow Maverick n/a
CH_Loira Do Funk 87 Impera Adamosz Loira Do Funk n/a
CH_Loira Do Funk 87 Impera Chystophen Adamosz n/a
Strankster 45 Antica Szukam Buchaa Strankster n/a
Major Lazer 163 Wintera Raale Major Lazer n/a