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Are you missing a character in your VIP? Or do you have some strange entries there? Search for them and you'll get an explaination!

The name changes are caught at the player profiles update. So higher levels will be caught earlier than lower levels. This also means that the date is based on the update and not the real date.

Name Changes Summary page 9480 with 25 from 238329 entries

Player Act. Level Act. World Old Name New Name Date
CH_Arthzinm 193 Wintera Caio Flyn Arthzinm n/a
Daniielinho 199 Solidera Invencible Zectiva Daniielinho n/a
Avara Quebrada 61 Garnera Vdes Avara Quebrada n/a
Classic Magick 202 Zunera Kiri Dard Classic Magick n/a
CH_Julio The Fabricator 173 Selena Julio Dafirma Julio The Fabricator n/a
CH_Julio The Fabricator 173 Selena Thuchor Julio Dafirma n/a
Rainbow Wombat 245 Zunera Steel-Bleeder Rainbow Wombat n/a
Rei Caveiraa 145 Grimera Explosive Lip Rei Caveiraa n/a
CH_Backdoor Bandit 150 Lobera Crystal Session Backdoor Bandit n/a
Gunbett 154 Talera Flash up Gunbett n/a
Aranxza Reqla 23 Talera Lachupo entera Aranxza Reqla n/a
Krystaliczny Nightmare 127 Peloria Nightmare Hunting Krystaliczny Nightmare n/a
Awesome Zabojca 54 Peloria Juz Nie Uciekniesz Awesome Zabojca n/a
Down Hope 248 Solidera Brujo Churris Down Hope n/a
Brymz 83 Talera Brayam Zamora Brymz n/a
Deliah Sinister 94 Antica Ka han Deliah Sinister n/a
Lukeazz 183 Wintera Lady Hellstrike Lukeazz n/a
Malabladow 161 Talera Fairness Malabladow n/a
Prawn Jeremy 60 Zunera Youm Adbro Prawn Jeremy n/a
Alinna Mittens 103 Wintera Alinna Dounaievskaya Alinna Mittens n/a
Lord Mag Shotter 39 Zunera Euamomatar Lord Mag Shotter n/a
Hesten Festen 91 Danubia Goldforthelolz Hesten Festen n/a
CH_Xis Jeni 330 Eternia Defender of Shadows Xis Jeni n/a
CH_Siiff 241 Nova Hannyak Siiff n/a
Zeratos Bonebreaker 1 Talera Gradiatorz Julico Maloso n/a