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Are you missing a character in your VIP? Or do you have some strange entries there? Search for them and you'll get an explaination!

The name changes are caught at the player profiles update. So higher levels will be caught earlier than lower levels. This also means that the date is based on the update and not the real date.

Name Changes Summary page 9113 with 25 from 240679 entries

Player Act. Level Act. World Old Name New Name Date
Valentina Grecco 332 Inabra Xsiao Valentina Grecco n/a
Kasziinhoo 300 Iridia Lebex Rise Squraz n/a
Lyara Sevi 8 Aldora Loren wina Lyara Sevi n/a
Korzet 242 Kenora Czerwony Rangers Korzet n/a
Awesome Lysa 218 Solidera Zaqs Awesome Lysa n/a
Menso Hijynx 248 Solidera Smirnoff Kamikazze Menso Hijynx n/a
Tascasz 154 Solidera Veragon Beryx Luke Fox n/a
Nautical 210 Calmera Vela Await Nautical n/a
CH_Zyzz Madbrah 191 Quintera Knight Vicius Zyzz Madbrah n/a
CH_Breaper 195 Quintera Sanin Buzow Breaper n/a
Jhawk 202 Solidera Joweh Jhawk n/a
CH_Luis Blade 223 Solidera Sir Luisfer Luis Blade n/a
Elder Webs 433 Solidera Visionless Elder Webs n/a
Michiillas 324 Solidera Michillas Tanatosu n/a
Lucios Voreno 138 Solidera Pikeno the Bruxo Lucios Voreno n/a
Kazzador 238 Antica Dilord Kazzador n/a
Deus Ignis 15 Antica Luteek Deus Ignis n/a
CH_Puze 179 Antica Hiro Sky Puze n/a
CH_Alskling 201 Antica Farmer Luz Mcdonald Alskling n/a
CH_Alskling 201 Antica Luzei Farmer Luz Mcdonald n/a
Exevo Mas San 233 Lobera Hokuten Nob Exevo Mas San n/a
Exevo Mas San 233 Lobera Zxyx Hokuten Nob n/a
Exevo Mas San 233 Lobera Darius Blackblade Zxyx n/a
CH_Foul Vicious 238 Antica Cleano Foul Vicious n/a
CH_Atthon 376 Estela Atthon Soldaten Mickey n/a