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Are you missing a character in your VIP? Or do you have some strange entries there? Search for them and you'll get an explaination!

The name changes are caught at the player profiles update. So higher levels will be caught earlier than lower levels. This also means that the date is based on the update and not the real date.

Name Changes Summary page 9073 with 25 from 234587 entries

Player Act. Level Act. World Old Name New Name Date
Pingu de Leite 76 Talera Teteleko Pingu de Leite n/a
Laykan 167 Lobera Drika Kipeng Laykan n/a
Stark Of Gyn 51 Zunera Timeto Benga Stark Of Gyn n/a
Khean Palthor 24 Zunera Troche sie zdenerwowalem Khean Palthor n/a
Bruno Magneto 53 Lobera Smoking Mac'Pot Bruno Magneto n/a
Trolerius Berit 72 Zuna Trololol Berit Trolerius Berit n/a
Dillwood Sackleberry 291 Lobera Cloudscrapper Dillwood Sackleberry n/a
Hawkeyz 97 Nefera Cucunot Hawkeyz n/a
Andarilho Viajante 137 Solidera Pastel Ciclista Andarilho Viajante n/a
Rushador Firmaforte 44 Vunira Garoto Rushador Rushador Firmaforte n/a
King Wyntex 78 Quintera Niicaah Owna King Wyntex n/a
Volya 99 Zunera Dubstep Assasin Volya n/a
Ligerinho Gula Gula 188 Keltera Pedrero De Grimera Ligerinho Gula Gula n/a
Inia Barchenowa 96 Bona Nyra Stars Inia Barchenowa n/a
Domisio Balboa 135 Zuna Domisio Demolka Domisio Balboa n/a
Kraken Shell 64 Quintera Isaak de Kraken Kraken Shell n/a
King Jeppe Bror 145 Solidera Optimus Wizz Lembor n/a
King Jeppe Bror 145 Solidera Crazy Ozzy Optimus Wizz n/a
Duent da Ment 107 Nefera Royal Beats Duent da Ment n/a
Mini Dok 102 Rubera Dok on julera Mini Dok n/a
Neurozy 8 Wintera Dean Wiincheestter Neurozy n/a
Hollistyle 99 Lobera Sir Fafar Kaar Hollistyle n/a
Eletrica 92 Impera Princesinha of Empera Eletrica n/a
Don Etanoli 88 Peloria Swistak Turbo Don Etanoli n/a
Czar Heros 325 Firmera Rafszca Czar Heros n/a