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Are you missing a character in your VIP? Or do you have some strange entries there? Search for them and you'll get an explaination!

The name changes are caught at the player profiles update. So higher levels will be caught earlier than lower levels. This also means that the date is based on the update and not the real date.

Name Changes Summary page 8814 with 25 from 221004 entries

Player Act. Level Act. World Old Name New Name Date
Lepa brena 211 Peloria Kubsztyks Lady Nopej Noplej n/a
Lepa brena 211 Peloria Super Mickes Girl Kubsztyks Lady n/a
Lepa brena 211 Peloria Natalianka Super Mickes Girl n/a
Binho Bad Boy 161 Samera Taizinha de samera Binho Bad Boy n/a
Orphez 171 Solidera Jonny Walkeer Orphez n/a
Antonio Desilos 90 Calmera Caguamatecate Antonio Desilos n/a
Warrior Heiko 217 Lobera Meth Pany Warrior Heiko n/a
Marcelo Headshot 220 Luminera Regin Willer Marcelo Headshot n/a
Gautrek 15 Astera Crasso Gautrek n/a
Gautrek 15 Astera Turdax Crasso n/a
CH_Dangerzinhow 193 Obsidia Poiqueraum Dangerzinhow n/a
CH_Dangerzinhow 193 Obsidia Anderson Vanderlaysk Poiqueraum n/a
Amykos 107 Estela Weraxxi Amykos n/a
Spyderlady 153 Talera Princesita mary Spyderlady n/a
Kimber Raz 172 Lobera Mac eleven Kimber Raz n/a
Kimber Raz 172 Lobera Confucius Mac eleven n/a
Kimber Raz 172 Lobera Druid of Carnage Confucius n/a
Aliz omnipotens 19 Wintera Cryscoquito Aliz Omnipotens n/a
Kebuliiz 134 Peloria Warlike Princess Knight Kebuliiz n/a
Kokao da Aktrovao 122 Menera Stiffly Kokao da Aktrovao n/a
Asgaard Crusader 132 Luminera Ken Thrix Asgaard Crusader n/a
CH_Broxz 129 Wintera Original Smirnoff Broxz n/a
CH_Broxz 129 Wintera Drunqen Here Original Smirnoff n/a
Atetas czerwone oczy 326 Zuna Atetas the Bloodthrister Atetas czerwone oczy n/a
Strike Warrior 93 Solidera Knight Natureflam Strike Warrior n/a