As a registered user you'll get some advantages by using You can also make your free account at, which is simply made WITHOUT any personal data.
The main features will be listed here. Minor advantages may not be listed.


WarTool is a little helper for keeping an eye on your enemies and also friends. It's a way to display data from different places of this site on a single place. Players will also have an online/offline status!!!
You can make up to 4 lists and add up to 750 characters in total. If needed, a "Public User" can be set related to your account, so you can share you lists with your fellows.

You can try this "Public User":

Liked it? Head on and build your own lists. Basically you need only 4 steps:

  1. Make your free account at
  2. Create your lists and add some characters to them.
  3. Generate an username and password for your friend/guild members.
  4. Share those credentials or the fast link with your fellows.


WarTool Image


A little overview on your account.

Dashboard Image

Push Request on Characters

Are you missing any character at As a registered user you get a "request pool" in which you can add up to 20 characters. Those will be checked and added if they really exist. You'll be informed about the results and you request pool gets free again.