Dec 11 2013 - A good day for fair players, by Xineca Urgente

A good day for fair players.

For nearly ten years I’ve been playing Tibia. During this period, several retirements and coming back’s took place on my personal game adventure. Even though I never quitted definitely, the reason behind every time I decided to stop playing was mainly because of the ever-growing amount of unofficial software users (let’s put it that way). However, yesterday I felt something that I haven’t experienced since many years ago, when I was younger and when the game was more exciting. Yesterday I felt happiness.

A game causing such a feeling on me nowadays... It’s got to be something huge.

Do you know when you get into a hunting spot, but there’s already someone there, and this player doesn’t answer you no matter what? Or even worse, if he does answer, it’s something like: “LEAVE!”. That’s when he’s in a good mood, otherwise you may expect him to shout: “LEAVE NOW OR HUNTED”. A curious fact is that this very same player, at late night, can be attacked by you and he won’t say a word. Also you can try to trap him by creatures (sometimes those kind of players simply don’t attack some creatures…), he won’t move an sqm and will just keep healing. Why is that? Maybe he’s asleep. I mean the player, not the character, of course.

Well, there are some (illegal) aspects of the game which bring benefits only to a few. Besides fu***** botters, hmm… I mean, besides unofficial software users, one can always find those who take advantage not only of their undeserved levels but also from being member of the dominant guild. Forcing others to give them money in order to play in peace, not allowing different guilds to complete important quests and charging absurd prices from neutral players to do those same quests, among other actions. That’s known as power abuse or abusive behavior, and that’s what was being done on various servers under the flag of the so called leading guild. Furthermore, there were hundreds of characters hunting everywhere in the map to increase their fortune, and many times being used to kill any player who wasn’t part of their crew. They have to spend unjusts, you know? Don’t forget the advertisement spammers from Rookgaard, after all they make your ignore list more useful than ever. But wait a minute! Couldn’t all of them be the same people? Answer is: Yes, it could.

So the real problem begins when everything mentioned above converge altogether in large groups of such a type of people, commanding a whole server, setting rules and simply doing whatever they want to. Among their favorite hobbies, having an army of gold maker characters and killing every (fair) player on the server were the top two specialties. Just like big corporations or – as some of them used to think – owners of a self-entitled empire, they ran multiple servers simultaneously.

It was not long ago that I have been discussing with friends (also old school players), what would be the future of Tibia? We agreed that it was doomed. Quickly decaying by the hands of its own players, but the ones who belong to ruling guilds and actually should be an example to newcomers. I was sad to visualize such a decadent path where new, innocent and well-intentioned players would be crushed by fools with power, without merit. Players being punished by other players for doing absolutely nothing.

Then suddenly a day was born with the sunlight shining bright. It was the day when things were put in their right places. The most unbelievable and unexpected I have ever seen. The hand of justice is a heavy one and it has finally pointed its fingers to the guilty. Its weight has fallen upon them. What’s left to us now is hope. Let’s hope this not to be a unique act. To all you cheaters out there: feel fear, be afraid. You might just be next.

Today I’m proud to say, good job CipSoft!