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All statistics and player information are based on www.tibia.com and reflect the way players are using their characters. That means that I'm not a magician and I’m only able to work on the provided basis.


Jul 04 2017 - Deletion Summary

Deletion summary for June added to Mass Ban? section.

May 04 2017 - Deletion Summary

Deletion summary for April added to Mass Ban? section.

Apr 03 2017 - Deletion Summary

Deletion summary for March added to Mass Ban? section.

Mar 05 2017 - Deletion Summary

Deletion summary for February added to Mass Ban? section.

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Dec 29 2016 - Up and running

After the winter update we had to implement some changes to continue updating our stats. This took a while, but now all known bugs should be fixed.

Thank you for you patience and reports!

Aug 13 2014 - Relaunch

Our server provider was down because of some technical issues. We weren't able to do anything to come back faster, but now we are on-line again.

We hope you enjoy the new layout. It should work a bit better on mobile devices.

Dec 11 2013 - A good day for fair players, by Xineca Urgente

A good day for fair players.

For nearly ten years I’ve been playing Tibia. During this period, several retirements and coming back’s took place on my personal game adventure. Even though I never quitted definitely, the reason behind every time I decided to stop playing was mainly because of the ever-growing amount of unofficial software users (let’s put it that way). However, yesterday I felt something that I haven’t experienced since many years ago, when I was younger and when the game was more exciting. Yesterday I felt happiness.

A game causing such a feeling on me nowadays... It’s got to be something huge.

Oct 28 2013 - Feature improvement: Old profiles available now!

Old Profiles Available

Newly Deleted Players

From now on all remaining profile data of deleted players can be shown. You’ll find the link to those profiles beside any deletion entry at Newly Deleted Players section.

Apr 25 2013 - New Feature - (Update: May 18 2013)


Update: Alternative "Public List's" are available now. You may also display only online or only offline players.

After so many requests, the time has come: WarTool has been released!

WarTool is a little helper for keeping an eye on your enemies and also friends. It's a way to display data from different places of this site on a single place.

You can make up to 4 lists and add up to 750 characters in total. If needed, a "Public User" can be set related to your account, so you can share you lists with your fellows.

WarTool On/Off

Player Status
Once players are added to your list, you can see if they are online or offline. Also a little counter with how many of them are around and a level average will be displayed.

WarTool Graph

Vocations - Each list has a graph about the distribution of vocations. This graph splits online from offline players and may help to evaluate the current situation.

How it really looks like:
I've created a fast link for my demo account. So you can take a look into the main feature of the WarTool. http://www.mrthomsen.de/wartool-public/username/password

Mar 27 2013 - A Milestone

WarTool Graph

MrThomsen.de has been honored with the status of "Supported Fansite" by CipSoft today.

I would like to thank all my old visitors for trusting this Website and welcome all new ones! It’s even more pleasant develop an idea when others like it.

Thank YOU